How to buy Bitcoin Cash using Local Bitcoin

One of the significant and advantages of bitcoin is providing p2p services; it means you can easily send and receive bitcoin with your peers without a middle man’s involvement.

If you are searching for how to buy bitcoin cash using local bitcoin, you are in the right place. Here I tell you the exact and straightforward methods of buying Bicton cash using local bitcoin. So follow the below mentioned steps :


Firstly you need to enter the local bitcoin through the website Local. aims to break the mold and come back towards the p2p transaction. You can send and receive bitcoin directly without the involvement of the middle man. Besides, because of the way Local Bitcoin is set up using Blind Escrow, Local Bitcoin never touches any funds whatsoever, which means no KYC is on the platform. So we can say that users communicate safely and confidently even if they are talking as anonymously.


Getting the start on local bitcoin is a straightforward and straightforward procedure. In the first step, you need to be registered on the platform. After registration, your need to sign in your account. Moreover, for signing in your account, you need to add your email address and specific password. Once you register on this platform, then you need to verify your account. Here you need two sets up for making your account highly secured. If you want to buy bitcoin cash, then you can change the filter (i want to buy BCH). In the next step, you go, the payment method. Here a variety of payment methods are available you can choose your desired one. For example, you select a cash deposit option, and then you need to send an amount to the seller directly in their bank account.

Buying bitcoin cash is not difficult, but when the person uses this platform for the first time, it faces some difficulty. If you are a first time user, then don’t worry here. I will tell you the easy way of buying. Firstly you need to go on the offer options from here; you need to select a suitable offer for you. You will be presented with the offer page to open the trade with the amount you want to buy. Moreover, on this page, you also get information about the seller. So before dealing first, check the reviews and reputation of the seller. For more satisfaction, you click on the seller name and visit their profile. You must be aware of the terms and conditions after providing the account details, and then the trade page is created. After that, you send a message I am ready for trade .If you are unaware of the policy, then ask the seller. What is the first step to start the business? So by communicating with the seller, you can send a payment.

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